Tree Risk Management

Tree Risk
Trees can be managed to reduce risk. Trees are growing and changing organisms which respond to environmental conditions through reactive or altered growth. Every defect is not a reason to remove a tree. Most trees can survive and thrive with different defects and provide the desired benefits. Some defects are critical and require mitigation measures. Unfortunately, some defects cannot be mitigated, or mitigation options are very expensive. The trained arborists at Mann Made Resources inspect, assess, and evaluate the conditions present in your trees and assist the tree owner in understanding the level of risk present, and available mitigation options.

Tree Risk Assessment
A tree can be inspected and the condition determined. During the inspection, the combination of tree condition, potential for failure, and presence of targets are assessed. Based on findings, mitigation options are provided to the tree owner to make the best decision for the care of the tree.

Tree Risk Management Plan
Mann Made Resources staff works with the tree owner to consider the available mitigation options, useful projected life of the tree, the benefits the tree provides, and the risk factors present to formulate a plan for the keeping the trees on the site in as low a risk manner as possible. The level of site management depends on factors such as: Site Use, Budget, Benefit and Amenity Value, Local Ordinances, Possible Mitigation.

The plan is developed based on criteria, options for risk reduction, and owner preferences. The plan generally covers multi-year maintenance and defined re-inspection timelines. The plan may require updating following storm events or natural catastrophies like fire or invasive pests and diseases.