Consulting Services

The list on this page is a general description of our services. Your situation may call for a customized plan not described on this page. Please let us know and we will provide a proposal specific to fit your needs.

Our services include the following: 

Tree preservation

Building development and site modifications often affect trees in the area. We inspect the trees onsite, and provide recommendations to preserve them throughout the construction project

Arborist reports

We inspect the requested trees and provide high-quality reports detailing our findings. These reports include observations, discussion, and conclusions that answer questions or provide options for subsequent actions.

Tree health and condition assessment

This process involves inspecting your tree(s) to assess their health and vitality. We provide options to enhance the health of your trees depending on what our inspection reveals.

Tree risk assessment

We inspect your tree(s) and assess the structure and quality of the tree parts. We provide observations regarding the quality of the structure and condition present. We offer options to reduce risk associated with your tree(s).

Construction protection plans

We want to inspect your construction site as early in the process as the project allows. We develop plans to protect the tree roots, soil area, and above ground tree parts from design stage through the landscape installation. We develop long term management plans.

Tree resource evaluations

Prior to development, properties should be assessed for their tree resources. The evaluation we provide includes a list of tree conditions and which trees are best suited to be retained on the site. With this information, a designer or architect can work with the best trees and incorporate this information into the project design.

Real estate buyer's tree reports

Most new homebuyers have the home inspected for quality construction and defects prior to purchasing. If you are interested in buying a property with any large or feature trees, this report provides you with a risk assessment, projected tree life expectancy, and maintenance needs of the trees, allowing you a better understanding of the longevity and costs associated with the trees on the property before you buy. 

Specification writing and review

We write quality specifications for different maintenance or tree protection activities. Specifications clearly describe the work needed for accurate bidding and inspection by landscape professionals.  We will review and improve your draft specifications. We can also work with the successful bidder to ensure the specifications are followed for the best care for your trees.

Management plans

We develop management plans for the long term growing of trees on a property or in a community. We discuss and review the tree population and growing sites, and evaluate a list of wants and needs. We formulate a workable management plan including the vision and objectives of the tree owners, with the standards for care, criteria to assist in effective decision-making, and protocols for maintenance or work performance.  

Young tree care

Properly planting and structurally pruning a young tree are keys to growing for long term survival. We provide pruning and training to care for young trees in a manner that promotes long-term growth and reduces future maintenance.

Training and education

We offer customized training and education in urban forest and arboriculture topics. We specialize in discussing your desired outcome, objectives, and audience, and tailor the course to fit your needs.  Three of our most popular topics are:How Trees 

  • How Trees Co-exist with Other Infrastructure
  • The Benefits and Return on Investment from Trees
  • Growing Young Trees


Valuation and appraisal

Trees have a monetary value that can be calculated for replacement, negotiation, and litigation. We follow accepted industry practices to provide an opinion of tree value, and clearly explain the process used to formulate that value.  


Understanding what your tree resource is comprised of is critical to sound management. We work with clients to define the attributes and data that must be collected for their tree population, and survey either a sample, or the complete population. We provide the inventory data for reporting, management, and budgeting, for any size property from individual homes to entire communities. We can suggest software or use your choice of software.

Canopy cover analysis

This analysis helps tree owners and managers determine if more trees should be added to their inventory, and where and what trees should be added.  This decision is made based on the comparison of canopy-covered area to non-canopy-covered area, and available growing sites.

Municipal ordinance development

One ordinance will not serve every community. Most communities have preferences and tolerances for dictating what occurs on public and private property. We work with communities to determine which ordinance sections, guidelines, and regulations are best for the trees and acceptable for that specific community.

Master plans

A step above a management plan, a master plan for the property or community includes incorporating community design with the long-term vision, and the transition of the current conditions to the future vision. A master plan involves coordination with many other community components than just the trees. A successful master plan weaves trees into the community fabric and lifestyle for a sustainable resource.

Mitigation plans

We offer plans for two types of mitigation:

  1. Trees that have to be removed for development often require mitigation to the site or community. We provide a reasonable plan that replaces the benefits and tree populations either on or off-site to meet project and agency requirements.
  2. Damaged trees or those that are involved in a situation that causes changes to their health or structure need treatment and care, or replacement. The mitigation plans we offer provide options and steps rehabilitating the tree and its surrounding environment, or replacing lost services and benefits.


Expert witness

We provide expert witness research and testimony for litigation cases involving tree related issues. 

Long-term landscape management plans

Typically, a new landscape design is overplanted to look full immediately. As the plants and trees grow, the roots and canopies change and compete with each other. We provide a long-term plan that involves removing the correct plants in tightly planted landscapes, modifying irrigation to target the remaining plants as they get older, as well as plans for pruning and care that encourage long-term growth of the landscape as a whole.