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Burying tree trunks is one of the leading causes of tree death and failure!!

Mulch applications should be placed at the desired depth without burying the tree trunk. MULCH GUIDE MULCH COLLARS protect the tree trunk from being buried by mulch. The depth of the collar guides the depth of the mulch application and prevents “Mulch Volcanoes” from burying the tree trunk.

MULCH GUIDE MULCH COLLARS are easily sized for the current trunk diameter.  As the tree grows in size, the collar is easily expanded to continue to protect the tree from mulch contact over the life of the tree in the landscape.

Mulch Block is available in custom depths for the intended mulch application. Easy to use, re-usable, and low cost, MULCH GUIDE MULCH COLLAR saves the lives of trees and reduces landscape maintenance costs. Mulch installations are faster as the depth of the collar guides the mulch depth, and protects trees from installation crews that are not aware of the damage caused by placing mulch against the tree trunk. Mulch Block is simple to use. The only tools and materials required are a sharp knife, sturdy tape (black is preferred for less visible appearance), and nails (optional) to hold the collar in place in the soil.