Individual Trees

Individual trees are important to our daily lives. Trees clean the air, intercept stormwater, sequester carbon, conserve energy, provide shade, cool the air, reduce stress, and enhance property values. Trees in retail settings and parking lots also increase the time people shop and the amount of money they spend. Shaded parking lots reduce pollution and cool vehicle interiors.

The tree benefits are derived from the leaf canopy. Healthy trees have more leaves and live longer. Our knowledgeable arborists can assess the health, condition, and risk of your trees. We provide management options to enhance the health and longevity of your trees. We provide effective options for improving health, mitigating damage, protecting during construction, mitigating infrastructure conflicts, site design, tree placement, species selection, and irrigation.

Increasing our regional tree canopy in the Sacramento region is part of the Greenprint strategy to reduce ambient air temperature and improve air quality. Trees are more than just nice things to look at. The size of the leaf canopy matters more than the number of trees. Species and age diversity are important components to sustain a community's urban forest. Trees are infrastructure that provide us tangible benefits.

148_Topped_trees_and_mulch_volcanos Poorly pruned tree and
buried trunk flare

153_100_blk_Duane_SW2Sidewalks redesigned around trees
providing room for future growth

148_2008_Mass_Ash2Ash street tree with good canopy
spread and branch distribution

Real Estate Inspections:  Most people inspect the structure of the home they intend to purchase. How many home buyers have the trees on the property inspected prior to purchase? If the trees and landscape are important to you in choosing your home or property, let us provide the treeassessment before you purchase the property. We can provide a report explaining the tree health, condition, and risk. This provides the comfort that you are aware of the needs of the trees present on your new property to enhance the buying decision.

The buyer should understand the health and longevity potential for the trees on the property they plan to buy. The prospective buyer should be aware of the community ordinances that may govern what they can do to the trees on their new property. They should be aware of any implications to the trees of any plans they have for changes to the property.

Property values are defined by the trees in the neighborhood more often than by the trees on an individual property.