About Us

Gordon Mann has over 36 years experience in urban and community forest management and public administration. Gordon has been active with professional associations and nonprofits.  Mann Made Resources was founded in 1986 providing consulting services and Root Block Root Deflector products to clients who appreciate the value and importance of trees.  The company has been built on the philosophy that trees are essential urban infrastructure and necessary for a high quality of life in urban areas.

Gordon has served in 3 municipalities: Brookfield, IL; San Mateo, CA; and Redwood City, CA. He was written about in the Redwood City local paper as the rollerblading arborist. Gordon served as the Urban Forest Services Director at the Sacramento Tree Foundation supporting the 28 partner agencies in meeting their Greenprint commitment. He served as consulting arborist and general manager at Fallen Leaf Tree Service in West Sacramento, CA. He continues to help tree owners grow better trees with Mann Made Resources.

Mann Made Resources is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. We provide a range of urban forest and arboiculture consulting services.  Gordon and his associates use a team approach to provide solutions for the range of tree-related situations.  Our expertise in tree condition, risk assessment, proper tree maintenance, tree and infrastructure conflicts, municipal tree management, specification writing, and ordinance and program development have assisted clients including: municipalities; developers; large and small commercial and single family property owners. 

Our website provides information on our company and services and links to information about trees and the urban forest

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